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Civil weddings are celebrated by the Mayor or a Councillor delegate and can be held at the Hall of Frescoes in Palazzo Mezzacapo or during the summer, in the gardens of the palace Mezzacapo.
For further information the candidates may contact the Office of Civil Status by calling 089 814224.
The amount determined for the celebration of civil marriages is € 300.00. Payment must be made by current account at the postal n. ° with the heading 18972844 City of Maiori Treasury Department and the reason is indicated civil marriage and the date thereof.

For the purpose of the celebration of civil marriage is necessary to publish the marriage.
The publication of marriage is the process by which the Civil Status Officer ascertains that there are no impediments to the marriage.
The posting Roll Praetorian online counts as advertising for the purposes of any opposition.
The publication should be sent to the Office of Civil Status of residence where a bride and groom, even in the case of a religious marriage, and is made in the municipalities of residence of the spouses.

There are two stages, which are as follows;
1. Starting the practice of marriage: first the request of the Publication, made by both spouses, which must appear in person to the Office of Civil Status. In such a place will be made statements and signed the appropriate "Minutes". If the couple wish to have a religious marriage, they must be accompanied the pastor.
You do not require the presence of witnesses.

2. Release of Publications: after completing the necessary documentation, the State provides exposure of the Roll praetorian online publications and / or requiring similar exposure to the municipality of residence of the other spouse, if different from Maiori.
The publications must remain posted online for at least eight days.
The marriage must be celebrated within six months (180 days) following the publication in any Italian town.
In the case of religious marriage the bride and groom, after the law, withdraw the permission for the celebration, for delivery to the pastor or minister of religion.

Of age.
Children must be in possession of the Juvenile Court (off St. Thomas Aquinas, 1 - Salerno tel. 0892570111).

The Italian citizens resident in Maiori, can celebrate their wedding at our Town after the publications in their town of residence.

Documentation to be submitted.
1. A valid Passport or identity document;
2. Delegation to the celebration of civil marriage issued by the City where the publications were carried out;
3. Full name of two witnesses.

MARRIAGE OF THE FOREIGN CITIZEN IN ** ITALY ** Foreign citizens can get married in Italy according to the Italian civil ceremony or rel
igious ritual with valid in civil law, based on the cult allowed in the state.
The celebrations w
ill be preceded by the publication, unless both are foreign residents in Italy.
The security clearance pursuant to art. 116 of the Civil Code.
For a foreign citizen to marry in Italy, you need the security clearance issued by the country of origin.
The security clearance must certify that there are no impediments of marriage under the laws of their home countries and can be issued by the Consulate in Italy (with notarized signature of the Consulate at the Italian competent Prefecture).

For more information please contact the Register Office (tel. 089 814 226).

Documentation to be submitted.
4. A valid Passport or identity document;
5. Security clearance;
6. In the case of Foreigner residing in Italy, the municipal administration office request the competent authority shall ensure the necessary documents with regard to residence.
If both spouses are foreign nationals, and not know the Italian language, they should be assisted by an interpreter at the time of submission of documents and publications and upon request of any wedding celebration.

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